I’m a peanut with three actual nuts in it.


I like the thing that I made called indirect focusing. It’s when you see around, and everything’s all blurry.

Gi: {first night back home after vacation, getting ready for bed} Real toothpaste. Real water.
Dad: You sound like an advertisement.
Gi: And I did it in that lofty advertisey-lady lofty-voice thing!

Me: {deliberately misreading a sign for the local geoduck festival} Hey, we could always go to the gee-oh-duck festival!
Dad: That’s just what we need to do.
Gi: It’s goo-ee-duck, not gee-oh-duck. Gee-oh-duck is the name of a pok√©mon.

I just saw a wacky, wavable, inflatable, arm-flailing tube man! It was a Goodyear wacky, waveable, inflatable, arm-flailing tube man, too, and the wacky, wavable, inflatable arm-flailing tube man was in the back of a car, but it was part of him. That’s nuts!