{opining about the song I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas} Of all places you’d put a hippopotamus in your living room! A hippopotamus’ habitat is outside. While cats’ and dogs’ habitat is in your living room.

Gi: I’m a little Dracula!
Me: Why are you a little Dracula, Bud?
Gi: Because I like to snuggle up close to people.
Dad: Does Dracula snuggle up close to people?
Gi: Dracula snuggles for blood, but I snuggle up for oxytocin!

Gi: {wearing Pikachu hat, Death Fairy mask, and ninja mask} Dad! Am I scary?
Dad: I don’t know, Bud. It’s hard to achieve scary when you’ve got a giant smiling Pikachu face on your head.
Gi: Oh. But it achieves a lot of mixed messaging, right?