Gi: I think we should get a fake bird’s nest and stick it up in our cherry tree. And if we had the Nest thermostat, we would place it in the nest in the cherry tree.
Me: Why would we do that?
Gi: Because it makes the most sense. Because Nest is shaped in a circle so it could fit in a nest. #INeedToStickSomethingInAHole

If Dr. Robotnik was in the quest for zero points in Papa’s Hot Dog Arena, I would give him a hot dog that was burnt to a crisp, and a bun that wasn’t what he wanted, and just chili. Because Dr. Robotnik hates chili. And it would just be a giant mound of chili. And I would get zero points.

Me: Where did you find an Altoid?
Gi: In the cupboard with the wooden susans. It was on the third shelf.
Me: The spice cupboard?
Gi: No, no, no. That’s the cupboard with the plastic susans. They were in the cupboard next to that one with the wooden susans!