The next project was building a castle tower – we’ll be adding onto it little by little. He chose to make it in the sky, with waterfalls to safely get down to the ground. Here’s what he’s got so far (and he specifically chose these pictures, so I’m putting them all in as instructed!).


Inside Fireplace (with trapdoor leading to second waterfall)
Castle Fireplace

Glass Windows and Front Door
Glass Windows

Iron Windows
Iron Windows

Wooden Windows
Wooden Windows

Iron/Wood Combination Windows
Iron & Wooden Windows


Circles and Roundness (Stargates: Easy as 1, 2, 3)

So, with the idea of practicing roundness, I assigned Giovanni to make some circles. I was surprised that by the end of the day, he hadn’t finished. So I told him to get to it. He did, and finished in mere minutes.

Screenshot taken, I noticed that in the background, through the circle on the right, there were more circles that he hadn’t taken pictures of. When I asked him why, he informed me, “Oh. Those aren’t circles. Those are stargates.”

Now I know. Oh, and apparently he decided to practice roundness by making numbers. They just looked cool.



1, 2, 3


I had originally given Giovanni the Parthenon as his second assignment, but it was lost in a world-deleting accident. So he remade it based on a picture of the outside of the Nashville replica. This time around he also decided to create an interior based on nothing but his imagination.


Better View


Pyramid Complex

This was Summer’s first assignment! Not wanting to intimidate the Boy, I showed him a few pix of the Pyramids in Giza and told him to go for it. I figured they’d be pretty easy, and I was not disappointed.

Pyramid Complex

Water Line View

Serious Iron Golem Horses {Pre-Summer}

So after I showed him a picture of the Chinese Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Giovanni was inspired to bust out some Serious Iron Golem Horses to go with his previous Serious Iron Golems.

Serious Iron Golem Horses